Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Medieval fun

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Today, we said goodbye to my bosses, who went home to cold, cold Canada and we stayed and had lunch on the patio!

And then on to less fun stuff, like homework...

Never fear though. They were rewarded with a swim in the pool, and then the highlight of the night: Medieval Times!!

First a quick tour through the Medieval Village.

Storm and I quickly decided we were quite glad we didn't live a thousand years ago after we made a tour through the torture room! Ouch.

And then on to the best part! The show!

Oh yea, I had some pretty thrilled kids. Good food you ate with your hands, horses and cheering, and some fancy jousting and sword work.

Nothing they had ever experienced, and they quickly declared it a success!

Even if Storm and I came home sneezing with itchy eyes, noses and throats!

A quick swim in a super warm pool helped us forget our allergies!!

A rough life, I know....

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