Thursday, February 20, 2014

Universal Fun

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The last three days have been busy. Like calves and feet hurt so bad busy.

We finally made a decision on which parks we would go to on this trip, and that was Universal and it's water park Wet and Wild.

I have to admit that I wasn't overly excited about the water park but the kids love going so I decided I'd do my motherly duty and include the slides in our park tickets.

Tuesday was a beautiful sunny day so we set out for the slides. And we had such a good time. I went on most with Storm so she could say she did every slide available to her at the park. Some I wasn't too sure of before heading down but I didn't find one that I hated! All were good and the kids quickly decided we needed another day at the water park if possible.

We came home a bit sunburned, sore feet and in my case sore calves! There's a lot of steps to those waterslides! Especially if you have to carry your tube up!

The next day we set out for Universal Islands of Adventure. Storm needed to go back and ride the two dragon coasters in the Harry Potter section. Thankfully, she grew just enough to get on any ride she wanted to go on. And she wanted to go on them ALL.

After the dragons, which we hit right away, we shopped a little and had lunch at The Three Broomsticks. Or I should say, we had a feast..

After a really good lunch, we headed off to all the other areas. Unfortunately Hunter's favourite ride, Jurassic River Ride, was closed for seasonal maintenance, but Storm and him did go on Rip Saw Falls again. I declined, not wanting to get soaked.

We talked Blade into doing some Popeye barrel ride.

Right before the which we got totally soaked! There went my plan of staying dry!!

Storm and Hunter went on a few more rides while Blade and I sat back and he navigated the map.

When they came out of Spider-Man, a couple of the X-Men characters were doing a free photo shoot, including Storm!

They asked Storm her name, and the X-Men Storm was quite impressed!

She even did a separate photo with Miss Storm.

Storm says to me "I'm so happy I have a super hero named after me!"

Yup, that's right. And a ride too!

We then headed back through the areas we had speed walked through in the morning to get to Harry Potter. Blade likes the Dr Suess area. No crazy rides, just fun.

Then we made our way back up to Hogsmeade so that we could go on the castle ride.

We did it last year, and I swear I don't remember it being quite that crazy. I convinced Blade we should all do it, and he very reluctantly agreed.

Um, oops. I think I scarred the poor kid. He was very unimpressed! There may have been more than a few tears and a declaration he wanted to go home!

There was a bit of placating with an owl and a new toque and glove set!

The Hogwarts area is pretty magical at dark. I'd love to be able to stroll through it when it was empty and all lit up.

The kids are all sporting different House toques. And much to Storm's delight, she's sporting a whole Griffindor ensemble!

Today, we went back to the waterpark.

Although I vowed to just lay on my lounge chair, we did a few more slides.

My calves are so sore.

Tomorrow, I do as little as possible without dying.

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