Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Gators everywhere!

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Yesterday was our trip to Gatorland. It's only a short drive from the house. A couple of turns, down a toll road, left down the road and watch for the huge gator head.

There is a whole lot of scary gators in there! Big ones. Little ones. White ones. Crocs. Gators. Snakes. Tortoises and birds.

That's one full platform of teeth!

Wowsza. They look big and dead, but they are definitely not dead...

First up though, a train ride around the park.

We had the pick of the seats since we were the only ones on it. Blade and Hunter preferred to sit with in numbers?! While Storm and Bananas hung out in their own row.

We caught a couple shows and tried out some gator bites.

A gator 'stache?! Tasted a lot like pork anyways..

The kids seemed most excited about Dipping Dots!

We watched the gator wrestling show. And the kids sat on one as well.

Expensive five seconds.

Anyways, we toured the rest of the park and the kids got some gator jerky.

Think I'll let them take it home to share with their dad.

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