Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gift Tags

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Today started out with me spotting some free gift tag printouts on the web. Which is better than how yesterday started, with the doorbell ringing, me stumbling out of bed bleary-eyed to face the by-law officer who would kindly like to remind me to move my van for street cleaning.  Awesome.

Anyways, we needed new gift tags this year for our re-usable cloth gift bags.  I usually use stickers or just cut out old cards and write on the back, but since I seen this free tag printout I thought I'd use those.  So I cut down some Christmas card stock so it would fit into my printer and then as I went to print them out I noticed all the little pictures Storm has drawn and saved to my computer lately.

The girl loves her some Paint. 

And I thought, hey I could print those out and make myself some tags!

Manny from Ice Age, Scooby Doo and a Christmas tree too!

So cute.

Then I spotted the picture file I have saved of Storm's name and words that describe her, that is waiting for me to paint for her room.  And I thought,  "hmm I should use Wordle and write out a bunch of words that describe all of the kids and print those out as tags too!"

Easily distracted and way-laid.  That's me.

And then I did this:

I mean, why not make them re-usable!  As I got started on this, I realized that I was down to my last two sheets of 8x11 laminating plastic.  But I had bought a mixture starter package on clearance at one point and it had a bunch of different sizes in it, including business card and luggage tag sizes.  So I just used up all the random sizes and then cut them down.  Plus I made sure to put one of each kid's names into a luggage tag so if they ever need one, they can just use these.

All the cutting.  Gah!

How cute are those?! 

Now, what was I really supposed to be doing today?!

Hmm.  A shower might be a good start.


  1. They came out great! I knew you would find time to squeeze them into your busy life!

  2. That is one hell of a Scooby Doo. Don't you get a tag too?

  3. Hehe, yeah she just grabs a DVD off the shelf and commences drawing on Paint. I don't think you want to see what my attempted drawings on Paint look like. Even if you did, I ain't showing!!

    Mom just gets the bill. Actually, with four kids, Ryan and I don't buy each other gifts. Unless you count the five pairs of shoes I just bought myself, when I was actually supposed to be going to Michael's for embroidery thread! (which incidently I forgot to do, I got distracted by shoes!!)


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