Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Smell

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We have a stink in our kitchen.

It seems to have came out of nowhere. 

You don't want to bend down in front of our sink.

Here's what it looked like on Saturday morning.

So, this horrible smell was hard to track down.  The cabinet didn't stink.  None of the stuff under there stank.  The pea trap didn't stink.  That's what we originally thought was the culprit. 

A little while ago, the right sink stopped working right.  Out of the blue, the plug no longer kept the water in.  Yet no water was escaping into the cabinet.  So weird. 

Turns out, this sink has some sort of safety fitting on it, that allows the water to still go into the pipes even if the gasket or drain part isn't working right. Handy that.

Oh, and the smell?  Coming from a disintegrating custom order gasket that can not be found in town or in the city and can not be successfully cleansed of the smell of sewer no matter what chemical or homegrown treatment you throw at it.

That rocks.

Next up:  Ryan builds his own gasket.

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