Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Before and After

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I just stumbled across a picture of how the buffet looked when I bought it.

Thought I'd do a quick before and after post.


Broken door.  Missing glass.  Plastic red handles.  Weird middle door.  Ugly cowboy-style(?) painted design on remaining glass door.  Warped drawer bottom.  And it was honey gold.  Ew.


Door fixed by the father-in-law.  (Thanks Gord!)  Glass replaced after much teeth gnashing and a few curse words.  New handles.  Middle door removed and different shelves put in.  New unwarped drawer bottom.  Drawers re-lined with fancy paper.  Thick ugly varnish stripped and fresh black paint applied.

I like.


  1. Oh wow! It looks awesome. I love the way the doors came out. I hate how sometimes things just don't turn out they way we expect but the second times a charm! Nice work!

  2. Nice!!! Wouldn't have given that sucker another chance at life - I stand corrected. Really, really like the black.


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