Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Update on Buffet Doors

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They are done!


I had Ryan measure out and draw an arch on the opposite side of the glass with a washable marker.  Then I leaded it.  And it turned out straight! Go me!

I really like the black outline.  I think that's part of what threw me off with just the frosting (well that and all the overspray and etched spots!)  But since my stencil was outlined in black as well, the plain frosting just looked a little blah.  So I guess this was an okay screw up in the end.  Also, they took way more clear frosting that I thought they would, so I had to make another trip to Michael's to buy more.

Here it is, fully assembled.

We have doors.  Holy crap.

Up close and personal.

Six months later, I have finally finished the never-ending buffet project.


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