Saturday, December 11, 2010

Star Wars Art

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I seen a few Star Wars eye charts floating around the web and I thought they would be perfect for the boy's Star Wars theme they have going on in their room.

I still have a few canvases left so I painted one of them black. 

Normally, I would paint the white letters on myself, but the inspiration piece I seen on the web had simply printed out letters on regular white paper and then Mod Podged onto the canvas.

Hmm.  Me and Mod Podge.  That can't possibly go wrong can it?!?

I just used a font I liked and then highlighted the background to print in grey and cut out all the letters.

Then after a lot of thought, and calculations and measuring and general wishing I had just used my projector to get the letters on my canvas, I had my art.

I think it's slightly crooked still.  Ah well.  The boys don't care.

Here it hanging on their wall, between Storm and Blade's paintings of Ahsoka and Yoda.

Ryan says art isn't supposed to be perfect.

Looks like I got that part right.

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