Sunday, December 12, 2010

Buffet Doors Part Two? Three? Never ending?

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So, those doors.  The bane of my existence. 

I decided to try an $8 fix first before I spent the money on new glass.

Plus, you know I just couldn't let it go until I had attempted to salvage them.

So I decided to stain glass them.  The hope was to disguise the etched mess.  Turns out I actually like them better this way.  I like the black outline of the design now.

Here is one with the leading on.  I simply flipped the plexi over and used the old frosted design as a guide and piped on the leading. 

Then after it dried, I filled in the design with the clear frosting, which goes on white and dries semi-clear.  I also cleaned off all the old frosting on the other side.

Not looking so bad now!


Oh yes, you knew there was a however

Up close you can still see this:

The frosting has dried, the old stuff removed from the other side, and you can still see where the combination of the sharpie and the lacquer frosting etched the glass.


So I'm going to pipe an arch around it and frost around the whole design.

First up:

Make your husband do the marking so that it is at least on there straight.

Hey, we've seen how I do straight.....

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  1. Good luck! I'm sure this time they will be amazing!


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